It's a feeling beyond our world. Yes, I'm talking about French kissing <3. During the freezing winter, I want to pull her waist against mine, brush her cold cheeks, feel her warm breaths touching my lips, all this while staring at her gorgeous eyes and standing in the middle of the street. At this moment, the world around us starts moving fast forward with faceless people, while seeing her eye blinks in slow motion. I tuck her hair behind her frosty ears, and there is her gorgeous face with her feminine pink cheeks. We close our eyes, and touch each other lips, with each other lips. It gets warmer and wetter, and we start forcing our tongues against each other. Then, our minds start floating, and it feels beyond this life. It's the beauty of French kissing <3. I guess I'm a hopeless romantic.
nighttrekker nighttrekker
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2014