Pro Wireless Controller

* New Pro Wireless Controller for P1000/P2000/P3000

* Contents included: 2.4G USB Wireless Receiver, 2.4g Wireless Handle, Power Line Splitter, PSP Stand and CD disc

* By the use of 2.4g wireless transmission technology and the exploitation of the USB port on a PSP handheld, the design of DOSO is a wireless handle designed specially to supersede all the controls on a PSP handheld without making any hardware modification on the PSP.

* Combined with the use of your TV set, DOSO makes your PSP handheld a handier and more enjoyable big screen TV game console

* Brand new and original with high quality

* Unique design with long life span

* 100% tested with good working condition

* DOSO PSW-303 brings you a wireless experience on TV for your PSP handheld

* You can get the system driver ready by:

  1) from the CD disc attached;

  2) download from website

* In addition to the precise control functions to original PSP, it also features in respects such as USB connector receiver, Auto code- checking, Consecutive firing function, Sleeping(Power saving) and Awakening mode, L & R buttons and 3D joystick on the right-hand side of the handle

* Easy to use. Just follow the using instructions

* Compatible with:  PSP

* Preferential price is available in accordance with your quantity

* Worldwide shipment with paypal payment

Note: Only cracked PSP console can use this controller !

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May 9, 2012