Just For Old Times With Maryanne My Co-workers Ex-wife Let Me Fondle Those 56kkk's A Second Time!

So Maryanne and I had not seen each other since I loaned her the money and she let me suckle her large breasts in the Bank of America parking lot. I admit I missed her...after letting me suck her sweet nipples that one time I was addicted and i craved the softness of her breast flesh, having them in my mouth I needed her. After she bought her new house she had a housewarming and being that I had helped her move out before her divorce she invited me with a letter in the mail. I was happy for her but that nasty breast craving lesbian only wanted to go for a taste of those 56kkk boobs. So yesterday I went to her party. It was a nice condominium with a balcony. She had invited friends and family. We ate and gave her gifts.Maryanne was very uneasy and awkward around me I could tell she remembered.....as the evening went on she would do little things...she walked past me and made sure her breasts grazed my arm...leaned over the table putting those funbags right in my face I wanted to take her **** right there!Everyone began to leave but I made sure I was the last one there.She wals into the kitchen and I reach around an grab her boobs squeeezing tightly.Afterward I lift her shirt and pull her **** under her arms and suck them from behind I flip her around to face me and go to town on her giant rack. I pull a strap-on out of my purse lift her skirt and slowly slide it into her pumping faster and harder. I lay her on the floor and lay the ***** between her globes and ram her huge puppies making her moan and eventually ***......good night
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3 Responses Jun 12, 2011

OMG>>>> WTF... you are just luckiest woman alive. You get all the great chances to fondle and suckle all these large breasts. another great story. hands down.

Great story!! Love it! ;-)

I'm soooo there!