My Best Friend

My best friend has 38 d perky breasts with cute nipples to top them off. We are both openly bisexual but have never did anything with each other. We undress in front of each other all the time and it's not really a big deal. But anyway, to the story. Right before school started my bestie decided to get her nipples pierced and I decided to tag along with her because I was debating getting my **** pierced. She got both of her nipples pierced and they looked so sexy afterwards. Soon school started and we didn't see each other much because she went to school in California and I was in the west coast. When finals were all over and school let out for the summer, we decided to have a girl's day/ night. She came over bra-less and in a flimsy and kinda sheer top. As soon as I saw her, all i could focus on was her hard, pierced long nipples that were clearly visible through her shirt. My ***** immediately got wet. As she pressed against me during our hug, her nipples rubbed against mine and sent electricity straight to my already juicy wet *****. After we shopped, got out nails done and went to dinner, we decided to go back to my house. I went straight to the shower where I dug two of my finers deep in my ***** and squirted everywhere whilst thinking of my bestie. When I got out the shower I came out and went into my room butt naked. When I walked in she was on the bed butt naked watching Skinamax **** and playing with her nipples. I just stood there and watched her. She turned around and told me to join her. I just laid beside her and she started to rub her **** and massage my massive *******.. She moaned for me to touch her. I automatically started to massage and suck her sexy caramel nipples. She moaned for more so I got up and found my blue vibrator and shoved it deep in her ***** as I sucked her nipples while she orgasmed multiple times. Since then, She has let me touch, suck, and nibble on her sexy *******. Even in public! She's the best ;)
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

wow...i am envious. i wish i had a friend like yourswho could let me suckle.

That's great you and your best friend got intimate and that you feel each others need so well. I'd LOVE to observe you playing with her ******* in public.