A Beautiful "froggy" Website.

Hello there,

I'm a newbie to this group (and to Experience Project), and I'm an avid nature photographer, and since 2009 I have traveled the East Coast of North America, from Florida to Quebec, taking pictures of as many species as I encounter. Sadly I can't post the link here, since people who Google the site would see me here, and here I want to remain "anonymous", but if there's anyone here that would like to see the site, please write me privately, and if you're truly interested in frogs and toads, I'll send you the link.

Here you'll see some stunning images, assorted by category, then by species. These were taken in habitat, and some have videos of them croaking, and in all my searching online, I don't think there's pictures as pretty as these - showing frogs being frogs - as best as they know how!

Please feel free Email me if you have a serious interest and passion for frogs and toads, and I'll Email you the link, and feedback is always welcome!
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I would like to visit the frog site.