I Hate Poison On My Vegetables!!

YES, I mean pesticides. Yes I know they help produce more produce. No, I don't mean you have to eat ONLY organically grown (unless you can afford them or grow them yourself). But methyl iodide has replaced methyl bromide [clever law skirting chemists - hey I WAS one, I'm allowed] as a less deleterious ozone destroyer, but it still is poisonous to us! What I'd like you to consider is this list of veggies NOT grown organically which have the least pesticides to poison you. Of course WASHING all fruits and veggies helps, but doesn't "cure all". Here is the reproduced list of better picks than their counterpart "the dirty dozen" which follows.

When you can't eat organically-grown foods, chose these "Clean 15" conventionally-grown foods which contain the least amount of pesticide residues:

Ranking The "Clean 15" 1 Onion 2 Avocado 3 Sweet Corn 4 Pineapple 5 Mango 6 Sweet Peas 7 Asparagus 8 Kiwifruit 9 Cabbage 10 Eggplant 11 Cantaloupe 12 Watermelon 13 Grapefruit 14 Sweet Potato 15 Honeydew Melon
Source: Environmental Working Group (2010). Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Available online at: http://www.foodnews.org/methodology.php
Ranking The "Dirty Dozen" 1 Celery 2 Peaches 3 Strawberries 4 Apples 5 Blueberries 6 Nectarines 7 Bell Peppers 8 Spinach 9 Kale 10 Cherries 11 Potatoes 12 Grapes

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NBM - that's funny! I always wonder when people believe in reincarnation. WHY do they cling to every last old, diseased second? I say TRADE UP for a baby body again.

I'm just glad these bodies are disposable.

MoiraNara - do you grow cilantro inside [from coriander seeds]? I sprout fenugreek seed, lentils, red clover, and alfalfa for salads. Mmmm...

Just think 200 years ago there was not much concern about pesticides, soil and mineral deprivation and GMO crops. And now only the wealthy can afford to eat clean at all times. Nutricide is real and it is happening as we speak. The food has only tiny amounts of the minerals it used to. Processing is causing millions to become sick from basic nutritional deficiency. But most don't even think about it. Especially those who believe they eat healthy and right, but are not educated in gmo / non organic substances. <br />
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In my tiny apartment i have a wall with shelves and lighting dedicated to growing as many different types of herbs and foods that I can. Growing your own food and educating yourself is the only way to defeat this growing epidemic. <br />
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Time for us people to take the power back. No better place to start then our own food production.

man, the dirty dozen contains some of the most consumed produce. I want my grapes back.

I am a trained and formerly working chemist - it's terrible - and always new chemicals not yet banned are sought for marketing, part of why I withheld my talents after awhile.