My First Juicer Story

i love to make fresh juice for health reasons and i have been making juice this way off-and-on for about 10+ years. my first juicer was one that i found second hand for 75 cents! it was priced so low because a) they didn't know what they had and b) it really needed a good clean-up. well, now i finally got a new one... and i have found that i am emotionally attached to my old one! a juicer!? it's been with me through a lot and been a huge help in my body feeling healthy again. it still works like a dream so i will pass the goodness on to someone that i know that is trying to be more healthy... it has made such an impact for me and i relish the opportunity to give that experience to someone else!

strangely, i will be a little sad to let it go. it holds a lot of memories. from the melted corner (a friend accidently set part of it on a hot burner-- still very functional though)--- to the stains-- to the journey from a place where i felt drained back to a place where i feel vibrant, like i can just maybe take on the world and my ambitions? it's amazing what a healthy body-- the effect of that on your mood and by extention, your spirit. my juicer is a symbol of some wonderful things...

...and i remind myself again that now it's time to share that with someone else who can't afford one-- just like i could not at first.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

that is so true 4vrUnique. natural remedies can be a really good way to go and the aloe sounds like it's working well for you. i might have to try it! i wonder how it tastes?

Absolutely drinking fresh 100% juice can make you better if sick or feeling low. Every time I feel sick, over exhausted or after I get a message to protect my body from the release of built up toxins, I drink either Aloe or Carrot Juice. Carrot is much more expensive I think because it perishes so quickly. I prefer the taste of the Aloe. Both work just as good. I don't have my own juicer, though I do buy these beverages as a splurge. It may cost $2.69 for a 20oz bottle (Aloe) though I look at it as medicine. When could I ever buy medication that is this effective this cheaply? No where that I know.

i believe it! i can feel a difference within a short while after i drink a glass of carot juice-- lately i've been adding powdered spirulina-- it's a bit difficult to get used to but well worth it-- it also makes me feel well-rested.