Except For The Peeling Part

Peeling and slicing isn't fun but I do it.  Why?  They're wonderful. I love every kind of fruit  or veggie ever grown..Ok & , okra is gross. But the aroma of fresh produce is amazing.  Cut into a fresh orange my,  mouth waters.  Grapefruit, harvest apples & a juicy watermelon.  I Love earthy scents too.  A fresh potato or corn from the fields.Eat all you can and see good hair & better skin . Spring will have the farmer's market selling whatever comes in from the fields. Good deal & I'll be there.  Children should be exposed to all sorts of healthy choices & not McDonalds, so often.  Oh..if you ever get to Hawaii, vsit a pineapple farm. It's awesome. 

wiseowl wiseowl
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Hi keye. I make loads of salad in the summer & it's worth the standing & cleaning, cutting. I never buy salad in a bag . I don't trust them. Every year there's a recall. I bought a orange peeler & it zips the peel off in a few seconds. Slicing is good too. Doesn't it make the room smell good? An orange peel slice is good in a cup of hot tea. Enjoy!

Enjoy that ..It's a good choice but I cringe at the thought. Actually..that's the only veg I don't like. I went to the fridge for a navel orange to peel & came out with some salsa. LOL..that has chopped vegetables so ?? kinda ? NOT. Citrus growers were hit by cold weather & we are not going to enjoy low prices this year. It won't stop me from buying .