I love smoothies and protein shakes.  I live off of them sometimes.  I am addicted to the tings and many times will have a smoothie or protein shake instead of eating. They are yummy

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LOL too funny.. i was trying to be funny lol

Figures, you will only think of me when you have made a mistake! LOL<br />
<br />
Gotta go get ready FG, talk to you soon! Yay!

I know and I am so excited that we will get to chat today...Oh I had a really good chat last night and I am feeling awesome and you can best believe I won't be thinking about you in that moment unless I think I have made a mistake.

Well, just as long as you remember if you are going to be on top, pick him and not me, ok girlfriend? LMAO<br />
<br />
Seriously, you make every day a happier place to be for me girlfriend. I can't wait to call you later from the rec center. I have a feeling we have things to discuss... No, for real? LOL

LOL ILY... I am smiling... between you and AC this morning I am on top of the world.

A slug? Hmm, never thought of him as a slug... A complete a$$hole at times for sure. One day we will talk more about chemical inbalances, but today I would just like to get my majic bullet, please :)

Please tell me that you are NOT having sexual thought about the slug... OMG I am gonna come bop you in the head.. I am having those thoughts but mine is not a slug.

Good thing girl. Hope it get's here soon! I have been eye balling my husband, and you KNOW what a dead end road that is... I must be getting desparate! lol

They are awesome IMC... I love both of my bullets. lol<br />
<br />
Dan, I missed you comment earlier.. nothing wrong with getting your vitamins and Vitamin S together darling. lol<br />
<br />
Yes HBT it is coming lol

Ahahaha. I just read one of your comments fungirlmmm. I make my smoothies in a Mahic Bullet too! LOL

Yay! My magic bullet is coming soon! Or, do I mean I'm getting a magic bullet and coming soon? MMM Ahhh lol

LOL... I have got to write a poem about my magic bullet... i think I can do a funny one... with lots of MMM's and Ahhh's in it lol

HBY will have one after next week. She has been begging me to get her one of these special remotes... Can you imagine me walking into the adult shop and saying umm I need to get a remote control magic bullet for my gf's. I need 3 of these please.. Oh hell give me 4 I need a new one lol...I may have to stagger the purchases and get HBY's first, then Alissa's then Marji's and I can't leave out Snowey and Sunny as they will need to be like the rest of us girls... Oh and OMG I can never forget my girl IT... She will need two as well lol. ((fungirl looks for the keys to her old grocery getter car. She would be driving her German Engineered car if she had not wrecked it a couple weeks ago...She puts on a ball cap and dark glasses so that no one will recognize her as she drives through town in her old car))

Alissa, I have the other kind too you naughty girl. Mine has a remote to give to a friend. mmmmm lol

I make mine in the blender. Do you like you Magic Bullet? I've seen them and wondered...<br />
<br />
I have a recipe for one called a PB&J you would like, cause I know you like peanut butter. I'll send it to you when I get back if you want it :)

Yes in my Magic Bullet.

They are pretty delicious, I should have them more!!