Nylon full-cut Briefs

Like many of us I started wearing my mom’s panties in my early teens. She wore your classic full-cut silky nylon briefs in a wide range of colors.

At first I would borrow a pair out of her drawer and wear them to bed at night and put them back the next day. Then I started keeping them to minimize the risk of getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Eventually she found my stash and that was basically the end of wearing her panties.

When I moved out into my apartment an ex girlfriend gave me a bag of her old ones she no longer wore. I wore them till they literally fell apart.

Then I started raiding the washers and dryers of the complex. Being social I got to know most of my neighbors. I figured out who had the best stash of panties and would take one pair every so often to avoid raising suspicion. It was a trip talking to them in the hallways while I was wearing their panties!

As the older women moved out the pickin’s became slim. And after one of my neighbors casually suggested that our machines were eating panties while looking right at me I decided to stop raiding the machines and just go to the store and buy what I wanted.

That first trip to the store I was a bundle of nerves. I went during my lunch hour hoping not to run into anyone I knew. It was surprisingly easy. I found exactly what I was looking for, walked to the counter, paid and left. No questions, no weird looks from the sales lady. 

I did this until I met my wife. She’s on board with my fetish and supports it. She buys them for me now. Sometimes we go to the store just to shop for panties.


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I think we all started wearing them in similar ways, I love wearing panties.

I got started wearing panties when my cousin Patty and I played house . One day she said that she wanted to be the husban and I had to wear her dress. She took off her dress and I could see that she had on these nylon pink panties . I ask if I had to wear her panties too. and she said it would be ok. She took them ff and I stepped into them and pull them up. I got this erection that pushed the front of the panties out. Patty had never seen a hard male member before ad pulled the waistband out to look in to see what was causing the bulge. She put her hand on the outside of the panties and felt the hard on and I knew that I was hooked on wearing panties from then on. I refused to give the panties back to her and her older sister came to me and insisted that I give her the panties. I gave them back .I grew up taking panties from anywhere I could get them. I have been buying them on line for the past ten years. I have been wearing full cut panties ever since, I now have a large collection of panties and nighties. I also have some friends that are panty guys and we get together and play sissy games. I seem to end up on the bottom a lot!!!

I relate to your story as well. I started by wearing my moms panties at age 12 and I would always *** inside them. Eventually, I got caught when she found my stash. I started buying my own after I moved out and have a huge collection today.

Your story sounds similar to mine - I had a sister a year younger who wore nylon briefs and that's how I started. I have bought, purged, moved, bought again for a number of years and I have my small stash of nylon brief panties, several bras, panty hose and even a set of stockings and a garter belt. I would love to wear full time, but my wife does not know. So, for the most part, I only get to enjoy while I'm travelling or wife is out of town.

Nice story, resembles my own experience.<br />
Started wearing my mother's panties at age 15, borrowed panties from our live-in maids later on, ran the risk of getting caught while stealing somebody else's panties until I garnered courage enough to buy my own.<br />
Purged countless times, eventually told my wife the truth an now accepted my condition as panty lover, wear daily and enjoy fully.