Restlessness And The Full Moon

I woke up yesterday night around 1 am feeling restless, for no reason. I got up, opened the curtains and saw the full moon. It was beaming directly into my room. It was gorgeous and I wonder if that was the reason for how I was feeling...
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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

It has happened to me so many times over the years. Can't sleep, bed is wrecked, pull open the curtains and there it is! Full and Bright. Last night I even saw clouds in the sky. It was beautiful but sure is rough on me. I am not sure if it was a perfect full moon but it was huge and bright!

Yes, I felt a bit like my blood was running too fast... It might be no coincidence, especially because it is not the first time it happens to me during a full-moon night.<br />
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Was it also like this for you?

I would say absolutely. I've talked to at least 5 people today who said they couldn't sleep for more than a few hours last night...most of them unaware of the Full Moon... I don't believe in coincidences. Did you feel energized?

could be =3