A Dream...

I am 7. I dream that I leave the appartment we are living in, and walk down the steps to the outside of the building. After a few steps, I am drawn to something above and behind me that I cannot see. I turn around, and there it is...the full moon. It wasn't just any moon eigther. It was massive, and was half hidden by the building. The other half was half as long as the building was. (It was one of those 2 story apartment buildings that was more long then tall...not like the ones in inner city.) It rose, and consumed me with wonder, and a strange feeling that I cannot describe. But, it had power.

When I see the full moon, I can feel it. When I see any phase of the moon, I can feel it...but not as much as when it is full in the sky.
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sounds interesting..i could see the picture of it while u described it..

Why thank ya!

Wow, again very poetic!

You too. :)

Take alook into my dream journal. I think you will find them pretty interesting. :)

Haha! *enjoys full moon*<br />
<br />
Ya, it was an interesting dream...

same the full moon make me forget everything, start forgiving people who did something wrong and makes me start moving forward... to me the full moon is my calm state