But Sometimes The Full Moon Gives Too Much Light

When the Moon is full it produces so much light that it is very difficult to see the fainter stars.

After the Sun and Moon Venus can be the brightest object in the sky. But you see how dim it is in this picture with just a crescent Moon.

1/125", ƒ5.6, ISO 800, 140mm lens (310mm equivalent) auto white balance.

This is another picture for which I must give credit to The Woman Who... lives upstairs for warning that it was happening. (I was surprised that she recognized that it was the Moon and Venus.)
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2011

I recently posted this pic on another sit as part of a series showing that a good picture of the moon, especially more than a crescent, and a planet or star is difficult because the dirty moon is still very bright, photographically. In this picture the crescent moon is over exposed but because there is so little of the moon showing you don't miss the craters and maria.

Yes, Venus is that little white dot at the bottom right. And none of the stars out that night are visible in this picture.

Oh, venus, Oh, venus, make my wish, come true!

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Is it the tiny bright ob<x>ject in the far right corner?<br />
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Ah, This picture is so beautiful, and I thank you for sharing it with us.<br />
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Yeah, she did good!

Wow this is great too! It is dim and good going to TWWLUS for picking up on it!!