May 19-2008

Look up

You never know

What way


Will manifest

Sometimes calm

Soothing & sane

Other times

Brain wane

Gone totally


Tonight is:

Full Moon Monday, May 19, 2008

Names for this moon are:

Snails of Seduction Moon

Flowerfall Moon


Luna Tuna Moona

Big Balls Moon

Corn Planting Moon

Devil Dog Death Moon 

Dragon Flaggging Moon

Don't Be Late Moon

Fawns Moon

Fright Moon

Frog Moon

**** Moon

Hare Moon

Tweakers Hide Faces Moon

Joy Moon

Looney Tune Moon

Crawdads Sip Cider Moon 

Moon To Plant

Moon When Ponies Shed Their Fur

Moon When Horses Get Fat

Moon When Coons Chase Cat

Old Woman Moon

Putting  Seeds in the Hole Moon

Staying Home Moon

Storing Moon

Wind  Tossed Moon.

Hair o the Dog Moon

Sins of the Fathers Moon

Slugs Seek Bugs Moon

Hairy Man Passes Gas Moon

Long Night of the Blue Hunt Moon

Do you know where your moons are tonight...



PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
46-50, F
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