It Always Makes Me Think

I have always loved full moons, I don't know why. I like to look up at it and try to imagine what the surface looks like. I love when it is full and you can see all of the prominent craters. I try to imagine what had caused all of them (what size asteroids and how long ago). I try to imagine what it looked like thousands of years ago. When the first people on earth looked up at that giant orb what did they think? Did it look the same as it does now, or was it smoother?
I like to look up at the waning moon and try to see the parts in shadow. I try to visualize the way the solar system looks then, with the earth between the moon and the sun. I try to visualize the way the moon came to be (what it would have looked like, to have actually seen it). I believe that the universe is an amazing place.
I also think about how many other people are probably looking up at it at that time. What are they thinking about, what are their lives like? I just wonder a lot of things when I look at the moon.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Yes the full moon gives me energy when I stare at it. Sometimes I ask the full moon 3 times to bring me money. And sometimes it happens. Yes, the universe is amazing

I tray to quiet my mind and just look. The Moon, the silver tops of the cloud and/or reflection in the water, if I am lucky to be @ the seaside.

I feel the same way, only I prefer the mountains or the open desert. So long as there are no cities nearby.

Ye, open desert.