Full Moon Fever

I don't know what it is but something lights my blood afire during full moons, it's being caught in the throes of a full moon fever. That's one of many reasons I believe I am possessed by a Wolfspirit among other things. It's like I feel an urging to roam, to dance, to ravish someone till she makes such beautiful music with her answering cries of passion that she causes the stars themselves to weep.

The animal spirits of Scorpio and Wolf Spirits rise within me in overwhelming intensity giving me sudden surprising strength along with a higher threshold for pain during the lunar cycle. When I do sleep, it's a peaceful almost dead sleep that is supernaturally calm yet blissful. No disturbing dreams, no restlessness - just wonderful stillness as my animal spirits run wild outside the vessel that is my body and that sacred place within that is my soul.

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Wow Full Moon it look so Beautiful is my Full Moon,cuase I'll get soooooo Excited!:)

Your discription is beautiful and thought provoking. I too can relate to your feelings. Nothing stirs my spirit like that of a full moon.