When the snow creaks beneath your feet, and a silver moon is unveiled by the clouds, tearing away all darkness except for the shadows, and make the snow light up like a field of diamonds... You just have to laugh, to dance, to scream. It lets you understand why dogs and wolves howl at it, why people say they go crazy beneath it.I have only seen two perfect silver nights in my lifetime,  and the mere memory of them makes my heart ache, and my eyes turn to the sky... No thinking being could ever create such beauty.

Cracked Cracked
18-21, M
1 Response May 11, 2009

I too love a full moon. I sit outside gazing up at the moon and can feel its energy. I also love crystals and always try to leave them out on a table when there is a full moon.To me its magical and I always check when the next one is due.