But Beware

With the mood I'm in, anyone who looks crosswise at me is going to get one. 

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19 Responses May 12, 2009

LOL! I love full moon as well, great story

Mas, they really are lovely. Do you take lots of pictures?

So do I. I like to use my phone camera and take pics of clouds, the sunrise and of course a full moon.

No, ballz. I'm chasing you. You just forget where you are half the time. By the way, time for a change. You're sagging a little.<br />
Flapjacks always have been your favorite treat. ;)

Think how many full moons there'll be. Be sure to bring your camera!

Dancing naked in the moonlight... Oh what fun....

Hi Drew! Aren't we a hot couple? Come on over and we'll dance to Van Morrison and Neil Young. MissYoo has "Harvest Moon" all downloaded for us!

~ singing ~<br />
<br />
"It's a fabulous night for a moondance"

Thanks, Stud. Always thinking about me, aren't you? By the way, you're mental skills are slipping. It's they're, not their, Dear. But it's good you can still smell. But then, you always smell until I remind you to change your dipeys.

you guys are killing me!

Your toenail clippers are out in the garage. They're also called a chainsaw. The electric sander is out there, too. Bring it in and I'll clean my teeth after you've filed your toenails.

You mean like the sunspots on your face, ballz? I think you forgot to shave this morning. Did you accidentally take my teeth?

mewold, just turn around for the camera or plant it up on the counter. I'm sure everyone would love to see it!

Myonis, I would love to see your full moon. Would you like to see mine? I don't have to take off anything.

Hey, moon! I bet yours is as hot as mine if your face is any indication.


Whoop! There he is!

I'm wearing designer Depends. It takes a few minutes to whip them down, so be patient.

Gee, Myonis, I can't wait to see your wrinkly old ***.