Moon Over the Atlantic

Labor day weekend this year was unlike any other of my life. Instead of a family picnic in the back yard, I found myself an eleven hour drive from home on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. My daughter has married her sailor and we made the trip to find them their first apartment.She had done her research well, thanks to the internet, and the first townhouse we looked at was the perfect one.It was so comforting to know that she will have a nice home in this faraway place. We had the rest of the day to see the sights, including a lengthy tour of my new son-in-law's ship which gave us a better understanding  of his life in the Navy.

In the evening we walked the concrete pier to the beach and kicking off our shoes we crossed the sand to the water's edge. The newlyweds waded out a bit further, hand in hand, laughing as a rogue wave surged over them. Directly in front of the young couple, the nearly full moon peeked up over the horizon and then rose over the water. They noticed it at the same time as I did, and I watched them as they watched the moon rise higher and higher in the sky, hand in hand, her head on his shoulder. It seemed an auspicious moment, and it created a beautiful portrait I will never forget. Pink moon rising over my daughter and her husband, moonlight shimmering on the sea.

She came home with me one more time. Home for another two weeks, to pack her belongings and prepare for the move to her new life. She pauses often to give me a hug, to say she loves me. She curled up on my lap on the couch last night, just as she has done so many times. She gazed into my eyes and I could see the tears that crept in. I began to tell her how much I will miss her and she put her hand on my mouth and told me not to say it, and she buried her head in my shoulder.

She was born in this house; through an odd quirk of fate just she and I were present at her birth, a magical moment of close bonding that is impossible to explain and has endured through the years. She is an adventurous soul with a zest for life. She will embrace her new adventure and I am thrilled for her that she has found love and has dreams to pursue. But I will miss her so. And when I miss her too much, I will think of that portrait in time of my little girl, hand in hand with her beloved, watching the moon rise over the ocean. And I will smile.


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That made my day, datura.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Dorobo, and for a great idea! I have written a few things for her that she will find someday, but your idea is even better! <br />
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I asked my father to write a book about himself and his life after my mother passed away and he was so lonely and lost. He wrote me a lovely autobiography that I cherish today now that he is gone too.

Thanks for your comment, Skonuri. We have remained very close.<br />
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Oh yes! The half crescent moon is very magical!

It is a really beautiful story just like the full moon. Wish your daughter and her husband a very happy married life. The bond you have with your daughter is beautiful. I hope you both have the strength to endure the physical separation but I think the bond between yourself and your daughter will only grow stronger.<br />
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Coming back to the moon I think a half crescent moon is magical as well as beautiful!<br />
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Only about the nicest people.

Thanks Metal. You always say the nicest things!

Your words painted a lovely verbal picture. So much sweetness and beauty, love, tenderness and just a touch of sadness. So glad I stumbled across this.

Thank you, Everton! She just spent 10 days here at home to be in her best friend's wedding and it was wonderful. When I saw her at the reception dancing with her husband the image of them on the beach under that full moon was vivid in my mind. You are so right that it will always be in my heart.

What a beautiful story, happy yet sad. A memory that will always stay in your heart.

Thanks, Spring. Yes, we both do know that. She's been gone a month now and it gets clearer and clearer all the time!

I like Jupiter, too, Zeggie.All those pretty bands, sort of like a beautiful marble. I like her moon, Europa too. But, I never noticed Jupiter rising over the Atlantic. I was too busy looking at our Luna.

Thank you, Princess. It means a lot coming from you.

Thank you so much, Anna. <br />
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A daughter moving away to join her husband seems a small thing compare to the problems that many are facing right now. Yet it was a major moment in my life and I wanted to find a touchstone to remind myself that it was a good and beautiful thing. The full moon gave me that touchstone.

There is a lesson for us all in this story about how to live life embracing the beauty in any situation even if it means "letting go".<br />
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Your positive outlook in any situation is one of the many things that I greatly admire about you Datura!

But what big teeth you have, Zeggle! Are you sure you're cured?

Hi Zeggle. Glad to hear you're all right now! I would hate to think you turned into a werewolf. <br />
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Thank you, SG. Another moon poem for my collection! <br />
How I love that World of the night!

And I am happy to hear from someone who also saw that gorgeous pink moon and knows exactly what I am talking about when I say how beautiful and magical it was! I have never seen a full moon quite like it before.<br />
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I do feel I was given a gift from the Divine that night.

Small world, because I WAS there, at the Best Western Oceanfront in Va. Beach! Our hotel was just up the boardwalk and we could see King Neptune off of our balcony!! LOL :) <br />
So happy to know you were having that beautiful moment as God staged the sky for your memories!!

Thank you, Mother!

Well, Godhasblessedus, if you were anywhere near the huge statue of King Neptune maybe you even witnessed my magical moment without knowing it at the time!<br />
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Small world.....<br />
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Thanks for your lovely comment!

If that gorgeous moon was on labor day '09, I watched that pink moonrise over Atlantic Ocean!! I was vacationing in Va Beach and was taken that evening by the beauty of it all.... :)<br />
I took pics via my cell and kept it as a screen saver! <br />
God certainly has His hand in the surreal joy of witnessing the moon rise over the ocean....breath taking....<br />
Loved your story!!

I would love to hear your birth story when it is ready to be told! I'm so glad that it was without difficulty. It almost feels as if this were an 'appointed moment' for a mutually safe and solitary experience. I'm also glad that you son's birth was well attended! <br />
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Have fun writing that letter out on just the right type of paper... smiles to you!

Hi Swan! Your suggestion to include a hand written version in their wedding book is terrific. I'm already thinking about how I will edit it to make it just right for that purpose.<br />
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The birth story is quite an amazing one. The home birth was intended, I had her younger brother at home also. I just did not intend to be home alone for the delivery! But it was one of the most beautiful things that ever happened in my life. Perhaps I will tell the story one day.<br />
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Luckily, her birth was totally without difficulty. Had I been alone for the birth of her brother the outcome might not have been as good. The cord was wrapped around his neck and I shudder to think of what might have happened if I hadn't had help.

Thanks so much for sharing this precious story, Datura! I think that a handwritten version of this story might be a wonderful addition to their wedding book... with that lovely auspicious image as a send off to their life together. How wonderful that you were there to share in it. <br />
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What touches me most, tho, is the birth story. It is one of the most special birth stories ever. Your description of 'bonding time' was palpable and it makes sense that you two would have such a close connection. Our son was born at home as well, but I can't imagine being all alone. There must be a story lurking between the lines here! I have the sense that you did just the right thing, however and opened your heart full-on! <br />
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You do have a wonderful image to hold of your little girl holding hands with her beloved and I can just feel your happy smile! What better blessing than the feminine moon rising pink and shimmering above you all!

WOW! You have a daughter, you look young.

Thanks everyone!<br />
Lilt, she says she's going to finish grad school before babies. We'll see. A baby to hold would be wonderful!<br />
<br />
Nancy, I know exactly what you mean. Plus, it's been our job for so long to take care of them and for me it is hard to let go of that and realize that she has to do lots of things on her own now without my help, for her own good.<br />
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Destry, here's a tissue. I have a big box, 'cause I think I might need them!<br />
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Child, I am blessed, you are so right! I was thinking too how the moon always has been special to us. We are both Cancers with birthdays in the same week and it is our ruling planet. The first moon mission took off on her birthday and landed on the moon on mine. I sculpted her a moon face years ago at her request. She buys me boxes with the moon on it for presents. It's pretty cool that this moon thing happened on the night of the day we found her new home! A very good omen, I think!

Absolutely beautiful story. You are blessed Dat! I guess it doesn't matter how old they get - the bond stays intact. I am happy to see you celebrate her new adventure. How wonderful that you both will remember that moon. An event frozen in time forever.<br />
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Congratulations my friend.<br />
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My son just moved. Not far, but still he is not here, at home. You're happy for them, you worry, you wonder, and you never let go. It's funny, all grown up and quite the man, but I still see the little boy in his eyes and it tugs at my heart.<br />
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Where does the time go?

And before you know it, you may be holding another baby :)

Nancy, your comment reflects exactly what I've been thinking, too. The 22 years since her birth have flown by so fast. *sigh*

Oh, Datura how touching. <br />
<br />
They are always our babies, we let them leave the nest, but we never really let go. *sighs* <br />
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Wasn't it just yesterday when we held them close and dreamed the far off dream of their futures?

That was beautifully said, Owl. You are wise. Thank you.

datura, what a wonderful moment in your life. Not only the full moon, but watching the newly-weds braving the ocean together. Though they were having fun I wish for them they face all the challenges before them the same way, hand in hand. And try not to worry about the distance, it's only physical, you'll remain together in your heart and soul.

Yes, When, a perfect image.<br />
<br />
Wow, Wildernessgirl! That is the most beautiful and fitting quote! Now when I look at the moon I will think of the quote and remember that is it shining down on my daughter, too.

A quote from a 'Abel's Moon' by Shirley Hughes:<br />
<br />
"...He knew that the moon was shining down on him, and Abel too. It shone down on all the people who loved each other and couldn't always be together, beaming down on each and every one, no matter how far away they were."

Aww cute

Thank you for your good wishes, Nuevo. I'm thankful for cell phones and the internet. I know we'll stay in close touch and she can send me lots of photos.<br />
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Kat, what a nice thing to say!

that may just be one of the lovliest things I have ever read.. how beautiful and wonderful for her and him.. for you to see so clearly how wonderful...<br />
I know what you mean about missing her though..quite clearly. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment.

You're welcome my dear... Thank you for sharing the picture...

There really is something magical about it, HS. Thanks for joining me.

Wow....<br />
<br />
Now we were all there.... Thanks hun... so beautiful...<br />
I will never tire of seeing the moon over the sea...

Booklover, you're right! I should share it with her.

Thanks, Tas. You would have loved it, as I know you love the Ocean. It was a perfect moment just like in a romantic movie.<br />
<br />
I'm so glad it happened and created this visual for me to always remember. It just seemed so symbolic and such a wonderful sign.

This is such a wonderful story<br />
<br />
I can just imagine them hand in hand on the beach with the pink moon and the waves lapping at their feet ..<br />
<br />
All very emotional but so happy and loving <br />
<br />
Lots to be proud of

This is a tough one, Juan, this letting go thing. But I am happy for her that she is so happy and has many adventures ahead of her. And she swears they'll come back here when his enlistment is done!<br />
<br />
Frito, thanks. Yes, the image was spectacularly beautiful and it is engraved in my mind and in my heart.<br />
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SilverSwim, Thank you for your kind words!

what a beautiful story... we saw the full moon a couple of nights ago and it was so uplifting... sounds like you did a great job as a parent!

How wonderful that you have that picture of your daughter captured forever in your mind, as she moves forward with her life. It's a powerful and beautiful image.

How inspiring! To have the courage to let go of your full-grown baby, and to see the beauty of the moment and have hope for the future -- it makes me smile as well.