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Full Slips In The Bath

As a yougster my  mum always bathed me separate from my older brother. when I got into the bath my mum used to come in and drop her slips and nighties in the bath water with me, with the excuse there was a shortage of water. This took place between the ages of when I was 7 to 10 years old. So there I was in the bath with these nylon slips and nighties, as I was a boy I naturally played with them tried them on and sloshed about in the water wearing these items. I actually enjoyed it by rubbing myself in soap and watching the bubbles rise, when I submerged my body under the water careful to keep my head above the water line: I would then squeeze the air out of the nylon air Bubble, then stand up and look at my body through the wet nylon material. What a feeling I got! I used to spend about an hour in the bath, My mum would sometimes come into the bathroom and catch me wearing her slips. or nighty, soaping my self. Her only comment was "make sure you wash them clean."  Even to this day I like wearing either a nighty or slip in the shower. 

rekabnala rekabnala 70+, M 23 Responses Oct 15, 2010

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That reminds me of when i was a kid in the bath with a borrowed slip...its a great feeling when you go under water and a great big bubble of air is trapped by the nylon...that eventually led to ************......

I have built an extension onto my house which is my Hobby room or Den, Cave, whatever, in there I wear my Slips Knickers/ Panties, Skirts, Blouses and Nighty's. I also used to collect Stamps, I have my Little Layout for my Model Trains in the room, which I call the Blueroom. My wife tolerates me wearing Panties Slips and Nighty's but not skirts , Dresses and Blouses. so the Blueroom is handy for that. If you want some pictures of me in the Blueroom send me your Email add, this is my Email address.

WOW!! I have been getting in the shower for years with my silky nightgowns and have just recently started wearing panties and/or slips. I always wear at least panties when no one is around. Thanks for a good story!!

Thank Emjay59, I to like to walk about my house in a Slip or a Nighty and first thing in mornings when I get up, if its not raining, I go ouside just wearing a slip or nighty. I love wearing silk,satin or nylon.

I love wearing my sliand bras aronud the house. love the story, would love to see photos

Lucky you wish i had the same experience as you.

I too like wearing a slip but it is private i do not let other people know that i am wearing one why should other people see what you are wearing women do not show them off when wearing one.

Come us....your a crossdresser not a have just told us you like wearing slips.......

Try to shower in a slip or nighty when ever I can The feeling is orsem.

I also like wearing a slip in the shower, the feeling of wet nylon against my body is awesome.

I have never gone to bed, and slept in a wet slips or any female underwear.

I love getting wet in nylon slips and have been doing it all my life. In the summertime when it's too hot to sleep I often put on a full slip, soak it in the shower and go to bed with it on. Cool!

Bizsuitstacy, thank you for your comment, yes it was sexy feeling but being young did not fully understand the implications at that time. But in later life i went back to slips in the bath and boy did I realy enjoy it.

Holy Cow!! That would have made me crazy. Wet slips feel so incredibly sexy. I imagine it was good that your were young.

Realy good story done it many times just dont get caurt.I s also nice to go in the shower fully drest stay there till you get completely saokt then slowerly ***** off down to your slip & panties.

I love wearing my silky nylon full and half slips in the shower. Gives me such an incredible sexy feeling.

lovely stories

Capetownian thank you for you comments, I am glad you have a partner who understands your needs. I some time just stand in the shower have my wash with a slip or Petticoat and when i am rinsed of the soap I go and take a look in the Bathroom mirror. and see the nylon clinging to my body. .<br />
Have a good day

What we very often experience as a child stays with us for life. I certainly have had a similar situation with satin linings of coats and this has been a big turn on since. I love it when my wife wears underclothes or lingerie in silk or satin and fortuneately she understands the erotic nature of it and indulges me!

Vintage Slip thank you. I have just posted a picture of a slip that I think you will like.

yummy story~

Thank you kindly for the comments, I have just posted some extra pics to "what ever next" album

great story ,i too love getting my slips and petticoats wet.

Very nice storie