Considering Swimming With Your Clothes On?

Wetlook is a lovely little, kinky hobby. I love wet clothing...wearing wet clothes and seeing others in wet clothes. Very sexy in my eyes.

I sometimes get a personal message from someone on EP who is urious about swimming with their clothes on, but aren't too sure how to go about it. For me, the answer was always reasonably simple. Get dressed up, find a pool and jump in it, or walk into a shower or bathtub.

But maybe you aren't sure you are going to like it. Maybe you are concerned about how this "wetlook" thing will affect your clothes.

A quick and simple "test" can probably answer your concerns.

If you are a woman or a crossdresser, it's time to put on that full slip and a pair of pantyhose, and step into a bathtub or shower. Yes! I have recommended to several women and trannies to get into a nice warm bath in a full slip and pantyhose. I should mention that the slips should be made of nylone (something machine washable). Afterall, a wet slip and wet pantyhose will dry without damage, but still give you most of the effect you would feel if you were fully dressed. If you like getting wet, you can add more clothes later. If you don't like it,'ve tried it, and no damage was done. If you hate pantyhose, thigh highs are good, as are stockings (though stockings do require holdups...)

Anyhooo...some men and women that have written to me about this, and have responded back positively, telling me how much they enjoyed their wet experience. Give it a go.
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2011

washing hosiery while taking a bath or shower is a wonderful method to clean!

Very true, and I totally understand where you are coming from. A pair of sheer pantyhose or stockings don't have the same effect of clothing that absorbs a lot of water. Light weight, loose fitting clothes suddenly become heavy and clingy. Pantyhose cannot replicate that effect. But the psychological impact wet hosiery has on me is fantastic. I've seen a number of women who have been pushed in or have jumped into pools with their clothes on. I'm much more turned on when the women is in the water wearing sheer pantyhose or stockings.

I wash my stocking while I am taking a bath. I will put them on, crawl into the tub and wash my legs while wearing the stockings. I then take them off and rinse them out.<br />
<br />
I have taken a shower with a nylon nightgown on before. It is a unique feeling and something I do enjoy once in awhile.

I have done the same thing. The effect is wonderfully erotic and unique!