Full Slip In Public

I love to read of those of you who dare to go out to a park or carpark and step out just in your full slip. I wish I were that brave. I like to put on a full slip or half slip and when Im in the car take off my trousers and drive knowing the silky slip is showing. I know this is a bit tame but its the thrill of knowing you are in public. I even wore stockings and suspenders once..just once..onder the silky slip.  Would like to know if others have done similar.
hallterry9 hallterry9
2 Responses Feb 18, 2012

I did the same thing this past Wed. on my way home from work. I had on pantyhose, thong, bra and full slip. I left my jacket on but fully open. My jeans, shirt and shoes were all on the passenger seat. I loved every minute of it. I got home to an empty house. So I figured I would take a risk and just grabbed my clothes and walked up to the house still in my slip and stockings. The cool air felt great and luckily, even tho it was 7pm no one seemed to be around.

I wear slips, half and full out a lot with a tee and bra on. They take the place of a skirt and I love to wear them. I also wear petticoats as a skirt. Do what you enjoy.