Love My Vintage Full Slips And The Soft Silky Straps On My Shoulders

I have about 50 vintage full slips in a multitude of makes and colors. Have some awesome Vanity Fair slips from the mid 60s. Love wearing them with my garterbelt, nylons and full brief style nylon panties. Love to feel the ribbon straps on my shoulders. They feel so feminine and like they are loving on me. Anyone feel that way?
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Oh baby there are many like us. I so adore walking around the house in a slip.

yes,, and wish those days had never left,,,,

yes I love full slips also. I wear them often. I have several. I have 3 of them in different colors that are like 2 slips in one and they have lace by my boobs, under the arms, and at the bottom.

oh yes, I love wearing vintage undies, corsets, garters, rocket bras, slips, pumps, luv it all

I so much agree! I have about 100 vintage full slips. There is something about looking at the satin straps on your shoulders that I find very exciting. Not to mention the sexy lacy botice and wide lace hems.
My wife calls them granny slips, so I guess I'm a granny at heart. Also love the feeling of nylons and garter belts.
I also think full cut panties are the best, when I want to wear panties. I have gotten to enjoy the freedom I feel wearing just my slip with no panties.

I so much love a garter belt or obg and nylons. So much sexier and feminine than pantihose. Love your avatar. You look so hot!!

yes I feel that way. thanks for adding me. I wear silky nylons, a garter belt or tight obg girdle, silky nylon full brief panties, a lace bra and a silky nylon slip every day. I love wearing lingerie.

This is my 2nd try at answering your panty question. I too wear the full brief nylon panties and have just ordered the new genie panties. They look sexy and comfy, can't wait to get them and try them on. I do wear panties every day as I have replaced them and don't have my men's cotton briefs anymore. I also wear my nylons to work and golfing. It is a little cool out there and they keep me warm. What part of the USA do you live????

I haven't had the feeling of a garter belt and nylons for a very long time, since I was a teen in high school and wearing them after school. Would love to have that feeling again, all my nylons are pantyhose.

Oh MsFever, you don't know what you're missing! What kind of panties do you wear? I mostly enjoy the full brief nylon kind. One of my favorites is Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau panties. Love wearing them over a garterbelt and pair of rht nylons, oh my!

Certainly! I love the feel of the older petticoats, camilsoles and knickers. But I find it so hard to find them and more importantly I am married so cannot find the time!

Are you wearing it today, nice silky lingerie is lovely, I am wearing nice silky knickers and a half slip tonight.

Have been different times. Right now wearing a yellow Vanity Fair full slip with lovely lace on the hem and bodice. Wearing a full length shear black peignoir with it. Love the feel and seeing the yellow nylon ribbon straps and lovely nylon thru it.
Of course a black pair of full brief nylon panties underneath!