My Story About Tights And All Else

I always wanted to wear tights and used to sneak some of my mum's and put them on but always put them back quickly. so i never had them on for long and was disappointed but as i could put them on for a short while daily i was fairly happy.I was 17 at the time and used to buy some items from Damart at the time they used to supply Ireland with shopping and used to have very expensive clothing both for men and women so one day i was placing an order and my mum asked would i order some items for her and she would pay me for them when they came so i said ok let me know what you want and i will get it with min e and just before i placed the order a new book with offers on sale but no return with these great savings were to be had so after i filling out the order i had another look at the book just incase i missed anything and spotted tights on sale but even at sale price they were very expensive £8 a pair now that was over 25 years ago Robbery Really but when you are young you tend to get caught out so without thinking of asking my mum i ordered 4 pairs for her sent away the order delighted with myself and when they came i gave them to mum along with her order but she did not see these tights before and did not really like them and would not wear them said to send them back.I told they were on a firm sale no return so she asked me what was i going to do with them after all £32 plus was a fortune for me so all i could say was that i was going to wear them myself well she asked me was i serious and i said that i was and have worn them since. But sad to say Damart no longer post to outside UK which i think is a disgrace after all they are paid in UK Pound before they send out the items. Well that is there loss as will not buy anything from them when i go to the UK. I also buy on line but refuse to deal with them and they would post to me via a UK address but then i would have double postage to have it posted on to me again and post is expensive as it is.But i am enjoying my tights from Falk and My Tights and Figleaves and happy to wear them.God bless my mum for not stopping me then.
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