Satin Slips

I Just ardore wearing a full slip and often wear a waist slip with it too, the feeling of them "slipping" togetjer never fails to excite. I have 6 full slips and 14 waist slips and 2 layered 50's style petticoats. Sometimes i like to see how many i can wear at the one time.

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The more layers of slips the better underneath a swishy petticoat

I wear a full slip and a half at the same time over French Knickers, lovely feeling.

I just found a place to call home.

I also love silky vintage slips. I also love wearing many slips at a time. I often sleep like that. It is such a wonderful feeling to roll arouud and slide in bed with maybe up to a dozen slips on. I them take more in bed with me to play with.

How right you are about the slips of the 50s and early 60s ... the material was often lableled nylon satin ... but it was just a high quality nylon ... higher quality construction ... and often artistically embroidered in beautiful designs ... some were just breath taking ... a shame to cover up, and the high end ones could cost more than the dress that covered them. Dresses and skirts were worn everyday by women and girls then, so there was a large demand and market for slips. Slips are such a delight when first pulled on ... especially over nylon stockings, and before the nylon warms to body temperature ... the cool nylon over nylon feels so delicious... The ultimate is wearing girdle, stockings, pettipants, full slip and satin lined skirt on a cool autumn day.

OOO thanks for posting!! As my friends here know , I adore long slips and gowns .. however, I don;t care for anything but the Vintage high end labels.. Van Raalte, Olga, Barbizon, Vanity Fair, .. materials in the vintage eras were just made better with higher quality materials.. the day I first slipped on my first Van Raalte slip, I knew I would never wear anything but Vintage! The fabrics are spectacular! Nothing feels better swishing up against the thighs! , <br />
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Also love wearing a full nylon slip with a half slip,it feels so smooth and comfortable.Love the feel of that nylon sliding around my tush sitting in a car and driving.....

Hello. Its the same if you are wearing a lined skirt. I once slid off a bus seat when it went around a corner, my nylon underskirt sliding on my skirt lining. Some none lined skirts can be nearly as bad. I have some stitch down pleated skirts that are treated with teflon in order to make them stain resistant. Very slippery, indeed. Glad you like these girlthings.<br />
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I agree that dressing in la<x>yers of full and half slips is incredibly erotic and sensual. I have about 40 full and about 30 half slips of various shades, mainly vintage lace-edged satin and nylon, including 5 beautifully silky soft white lace-edged satin slips of classic design, 20 of the wonderful Barbizon tafredda range (10 full and 10 half), and some lovely satin half slips with a lace slit that featured in the M&S range in the 1990s. The Barbizon slips are in a unique heavy taffeta-satin material that swish alluringly and never fail to make me excited. I usually la<x>yer up in at six or more delighting in the feel of the slips sliding against my satin panties and sheer stockings....And I often overlay these with full flounced petticoats in satin and net and nylon or chiffon...that feels extra swishy....

I to love to wear slips the are so smooth and feel great good I would like to be with someone else and feel each other that would be wonderful

I to love the "slippery" feeling wearing more than one slip.<br />
I have over 20 full slips and 50 half slips. Sometimes I wear 6 or more. Will add some pics in my album.