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I always had a problem with my stockings pulling my garter belt down, no hips for it to hang onto, problem was sizing now with fully fashion you can get your exact size. They don't have the stretch of the other kind so therefore don't try to shrink back into shape. They hold there  shape really well and have an amazing feel that is just sooo sexy, I always feel sexy when I have them on ( which is every day, because I don't wear the other kind unless I run out of my fully fashioned ). They are a bit more expensive but I find they tend to last longer than the cheaper ones and they look and feel far better. Besides my gf loves me in them, she is always stroking my legs but then again, so do I.

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3 Responses Apr 4, 2010

When the occasion calls for it, a corset or waist cinch with garters is also perfect for tautly tethering full-fashioned stockings. There will be more of a pull when you move or sit, since there is less give from above. That feels odd at first, but you will come to enjoy it!

hi, wear a long legged panty girdle with 6 garters, it wont slip down on you

thanks for the sugestion i will give it a go