I do, but what does is matter..she only loves the pup! :'(

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Dont believe her...its the tree i tell ya! she should be thanking me all along for chaining her and anyways ever heard of a "beautiful CANNIBAL ninja" ? :P

Of course becouse of the beauty*and becouse I'm a cannibal ninja*

hey,I was thinking about Yuffie too!Yay~I'm Yuffie!

hehe yeah you are! ;) Oi no its good to have people like her on our side for the bad guys you know...hey phedo how about yuffie? ;)<br />
<br />
Aw the pup is cool, has become a really spoiled brat!!!

How is the precious pup Floyd?

I like Lightning...

Hey Cloud,hey Tifa....I wana be a final fantasy character too,choose one for me!Arigatooou~

Aw ok i have to agree that is cute!! =D

*N.O.T. talking*

!%#^@%$@%@#$!@$<br />
<br />
*Not talking*

Those are crocodile tears I know!!!! x-(

Liar!!! :'( *heartbroken*

*NOT talking*

No hug!!! You dont love me!! No hug, nothing!!!<br />
<br />
*not talking* Hmph!

Shes nice! :)

Fungirl is sweet helpful and kind. Has a heart as big as it gets!

In any case I just wrote a PM to you explaining a lot of it. :)<br />
<br />
You you are saying you dont really love me?! :'(

You are welcome! :) <br />
<br />
Well you never told me what you thought it was..we are just playing on speculation so you cant really say that! <br />
<br />
Love you!! :)

You are a wonderful person floydess. I dont think you know why but still thank you! And why are you thanking me?

You dont have to be sorry!<br />
<br />
Thanks I needed a hug! *hug back*

No I meant other kind of in sorry I cant think of a response..and sorry again..I am not in best of my moods, so i may act a little weird.


Hehe and now you seek revenge on me? For YOUR pup? :P

Haha that was just a joke me and fg got all jealous huh? :P


Did I say something bad about the pup?! :/

Hehe what?

Hehe no this is about my pup! you should go and have a look at him in my album!

Yeah and you'll be marrying him..remember? :P

It is all about the pup for me. lol He is the sexiest dog I know.