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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE funny guys. Funny guys are my favorite. My boyfriend never fails to crack me up, and I feel good when I can make him laugh. My favorite kind of funny is witty, smart funny. I can do without toilet and slapstick humor. But a type of funny that is integral to the person and who they are... that kind of funny really moves me. If a guy is funny that makes him so much more attractive to me. But of course, funny isn't the only criteria for love!
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I think a great sense of humour is one of the sexiest things anyone can have. If a guy can't make me laugh, I'm very seldom attracted to him. Intelligence and sense of humour rates really high with me.

I try to tell my partner that I'm the funny one in our relationship, I'm sure he still doesn't believe me. We just about have competitions on who can be the funniest, and it's hilarious! I love it! :oD

take a look at the answers I have written and tell me if I qualify to be your friend. You are free to lie about it too.

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It takes a lot of hard work and practice to be witty. Oscar Wilde is noted for his instantaneous wit yet he once confided that most responses were from a stock of those he rehearsed. He was often left speechless when confronted.

join the group i lve to laugh if you want its a hoooot

Yeah! I love funny guys! I definitely love it when guys laugh and smile! Oh, how that makes me feel so good and warm inside! Me too, I love to make them laugh!

It would be great to be the sort of funny guy you like but as hard as I try, I always bomb out.<br />
I do have some other good and kind points about me which make up for the funny side.<br />
You are a lucky girl.

I agree!

A sense of humor is nice to be around whether it is a bf funny guy or teacher or anyone.