How Could You Not?

I mean my future Husband is definitely Andy Samberg after seeing his ridiculous talent in "Throw it on the Ground" lmfao.
But really, on a more "serious" note, I love funny guys who don't take themselves too seriously. I like a guy who also has wit to his humor and is clever about it. I don't go for your everyday stupid or sexual joke. I like you to really put some intelligence into it. Ofcourse everyone needs to be serious sometimes, so as long as they realize comedy isn't a complete lifestyle, then I shall adore them! Funny guys make great pals, and if you really love them I'm sure they make great boyfriends too, just don't hog all their funny genes...the world desperately needs them,we can't do without the comic relief. *Cheers* to all the Class Clowns of our generation ;D
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"There's a priest, a minister, and a rabbi. They're out playing golf. They're deciding how much to give to charity. The priest says "We'll draw a circle on the ground, throw the money in the air, and whatever lands inside the circle, we'll give to charity." The minister says "No, we'll draw a circle on the ground, throw the money in the air, and whatever lands outside of the circle, that's what we'll give to charity." The rabbi says "No no no. We'll throw the money way up in the air, and whatever God wants, he keeps!" "<br />
-Short Circuit<br />
<br />
best joke I heard in a movie xD

guys are scared to comment here. I mean you really la<x>yer the pressure on. so, yeah, there was a priest and a pig and a sandwich sitting together at a bar. the sandwich was ham and the priest was gay and the pig was just a man. hahaha.. no I don't get it either.

Wtf lol, oh that's original ;) am I really laying on the pressure? One shouldn't have to try too hard to be funny!