It Don't Mean A Thingy........if It Ain't Got That Swingy ..... ( Or, Don't You Dare Type That Vulgar " T " Word !)

Ya know, life is funny and so are some people......Tony Bologna is a hoot. But he has SUCH a ......well..... Um...... A FILTHY mind. He has been so DIRTY as to use that vulgar, unsavory, vile word.....'th1n9y ' not once, but several times.....well, EP is showing him......exposing him as the unscrupulous louse that he REALLY is.

In my wildest ( yet not sexy) dreams , I never thought, or planned on writing a story about thing-a-ma-bobs...... Thing-a-ma-
You know....thing-a-ma-knobs......

'th! N9y' does not automatically know. Consider many conversations with my elderly MOM ( an unabashed dirty talker if ever there was one(?) )
Prepare yourself for some real naughty realism :
'Kathie, have you seen my TV th!n9y......( romote control aka channel changer )
'I can't find my cutter th!ngy.....( scissors)
' I am out of ear th!n9ies.....( Q-tips.....aka ear twirllers)

Oh Tony....after telling Mom that we can't type THAT WORD....or we might be punished....she decided she had better not say THAT WORD. And if I ever DO want to talk about male priviate parts....I've been warned. I will just use one of MY favorites......DITZEL....
Ohhhhhh, don't ya just love someone talking dirty to you.......
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3 Responses Apr 5, 2012

OH MY! The dreaded "T" word! How could he have used THAT word?! Not dear, sweet Tony! I can't believe it! If he was actually refering to the male anatomy, he simply could have chosen a less vulgar term. Something more tasteful like the purple headed yogurt slinger or love muscle, maybe Johnson Tools, or **** and the party boys! But to use that word of all words on EP. Oh surely he couldn't have meant to! I still love him anyway regardless of his word choice! ;) PS - DITZEL?!?! :)

Weekie, you are my friend and all, but where we're YOU in 5th grade when we had to watch that movie? I DID get an 'A' in human anatomy and physiological th!n9i$, I guess I am going to have to tell you that a ditzel is the opposite know....a hoo haw.....

Uh..I always fell asleep at the school movie theater. Hoo haw...Was that on that show Hee Haw? ;)

Meet me behind the gym after school tomorrow....I learned a new word that rhymes with fever......

Oh are so wouldn't hurt a fly.....or anyth!n9y ! have my blessing. And best wishes.....I hope you join us again SOON ! Th!n9ies just aren't the same without YOU......

That is so funny I really thank you for one good gut busting laugh.