Smartasses Unite! (or Dislexics Untie)

Wit and humor rule

Dislexics Do Not Get It

Think lures aren't funny


Counseling is lame

******** therapy nuggets

Like scented candles


Warm weather haunts me

Thoughts of bikini babes are…

…hey, look! A squirrel!

vectorking23 vectorking23
36-40, M
5 Responses Apr 9, 2010

"hey, look! A squirrel!" HA<br />
<br />
LMAO- awesome!

Maybe I shall get inspired to write some more.<br />
<br />
You have to enjoy Haikus to really like them - let alone get them.

These are great - will look through the rest and chuckle more!


LMAO! Sounds like a poet trying to write while smoking something other than a cigarette!