Hindi Insult Of The Day

Some of the all time greatest insults come from the Indian subcontinent. I'll try to share them with you, now and then.

Here is today's Hindi Insult:
"chipkali key gaand key pasinay may talle huya ande..."

"you are like an egg fried in the sweat of a lizard's ***..."

WoobieTuesday WoobieTuesday
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6 Responses Mar 15, 2011

Here is one more for you i mean just for laugh.....<br />
<br />
"illi ki jhant k sade huye kide"<br />
<br />
Stinking Insect of caterpillar's pubic hair...

searched on youtube botalaxed Indian clips , like Indian superman .<br />
Many clips are gone , because Indians got so much pissed on , they they suspended the guys account . But like with many things , you can't keep Jini in the bottle once it tasted freedom .

i love that you said Jini and not Genie. :0] &lt;3


han, ji...such hain. i have submitted my resume for a position as litigation paralegal for a small law firm in the town where i live. i'm now just crossing my fingers and waiting for some good news! In which part of India do you live?

Yes, Ji, I imagine that is true! But the Hindi insults are so much more colorful than the boring old English ex<x>pressions. :0] Hope your day is going well...

inside information is, without a doubt, the BEST sort of information.... *smile*

Salutations to you too... I'm always in for a touch of inside information...