Dirty Minds

i am glad that you can image,its simple as can be,the place is piccadilly, the time is half past three,she whispered will it hurt me ,of course it wont he said.its just a simple problem,just lay on top of the bed,then she gave a little moan,then a great big shout,and with the greatest feeling,she said ,i am glad youve got it out,now if you read this carefuly,it is a dentist you will find .its not what you have imagined, ITS JUST YOUR DIRTY MIND
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My Winter Poem: **** it's cold! The End.

You expect us to think that... Whose mind is dirtier?

I prefer the term 'open mind'.


LOL very good. I love your humor. Please add me.

makes me think of a particular e.e. cummings poem. . . that one, hoever, was not just my own dirty mind.

Dear you are a joker... I like it . good day

lmao ive got a dirty mind i fall for it everytime

As your dentist do you want me yo pull it out?.


I like your style!

Well done, donna. A good laugh.

That was lovely ...since it was a painful tooth...

I have always had a dirty mind even in something clean i could imagine something dirty but reading your poem and looking at your pic, even though its is or not you still put my mind into over drive thanks, see you around

You should have had a Filling!
Great erotic story!
Thanks X

That's funny!

i wonder if the dentist has a dirty mined when you are lay in his chair and he is looking down you beautiful body

I admit I have a dirty mind.

I'd love to drill you, sexy

I love my dirty mind.

AH YES We men have such dirty minds and you love it.

You certainly know how to twist minds... i'm sure your body will be as beautiful as sharp is your mind... please add me as a friend to share some pictures

Guess I am not that dirty minded, "problem" got me side tracked, and "got it out" immediately made me think dentist. I had a tooth like that, and I felt relief immediately upon its removal.

Yes Ido have a dirty and naughty mind, And am thinking right now how gorgeous your body really is. yum !

Lol! Cute... and YES, I DO have a dirty mind!!

Piccadilly...........that's not far from me! can i come to the dentist with you when you next visit ;-p

You got my dirty mind going... But I wonder about the word "bed" - because my dentist uses a fancy chair that lays back...

Oh well, I also have fantasies about sex in the dental office... a hygenists with a short skirt and tight blouse...

I used to have a hygienist who would cradle my head between her boobs. She was so large chested there was no way she could get in and do her job without that occurring. Wonder how women felt about that? She was very good about what she did, she said I was the only patient to fall asleep during a cleaning.

You got me,hook ,line and sinker. Well done!!!
Have a great day.

LOL... dentists are always so sexy.... not!

add me plssss.....to see ur lovely pretty pics......


But how do you know what I was imagining?

That is great.

LMAO ... *groans and rolls eyes* ... but yeah - I bit. =)

You go me but I am dirty minded x

Got me...

Go on then! Pull the other one!
Would that be picadilly In London!
Expensive Dentists!

Cute. I thought it would be half past two instead of half past three. After all tooth hurty is when we go to the dentist.

ha ha. I must admit I was guilty too :)

It works either way.