Power to the Fuzzy Socks

i'll admit it, i have an extensive fuzzy sock collection, and i love every pair i own. some are a bit worn out, but i can't bring myself to part with them! my friend calls it my sock rainbow, because i have a pair in just about every color and pattern there is. i especially love my halloween ones (three pairs--pumpkins, bats, and ghosts). and i actually have some almost identical to the two pairs in the group logo. woooo, go fuzzy socks! they're up there on my list of favorite inventions. :)

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17 Responses Nov 10, 2008

I luv 'em, they are warm and comfortable, and usually colorful.. which might just be the best part! Great as slippers.

yay, glad to see there are so many other fuzzy sock lovers out there!<br />
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lilt, i would love to be on your christmas list! it sounds like everyone made out great--i hope they were very appreciative. ;)

It's called menopause, Sweetie.<br />
Hot, hot, hot, cold , cold cold.<br />
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I love those fuzzy socks too, Girl. I gave a lot of them for Christmas this year. To all the boys too.

i love your story! almost as much as i love fuzzy socks

fuzzy socks rule for sleeping!<br />
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hand-warmers, foot-warmers etc etc---are MY favorite warm invention!

I like wearing crazy socks around the holiday because some of us get together and see who have on the ugliest socks and sometimes we bring in the ugly sock and let every one pull out the bag that's really fun.

I clicked get random and got this. That is all I wanted to say.

no problem, darleen! i'm more than happy to spread the fuzzy feeling around! :)

I love your story about you lovin your fuzzy socks and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and i thank you with a warm fuzzy smile !! love ya!!

aww, weza, those socks sound very fuzzy and very snuggly! :) and what is it about socks and the way they disappear? i lose them constantly, either fuzzies or regulars, and then when i finally find the missing one, its partner magically disappears! socks are funny like that, i guess. they must get a kick out of messing with us! :D

lol . fuzzy sox definitely hav a snugliness about them ! especially when its a favrite pair ! :D<br />
<br />
i gota say tho , a lot of my sox hav gone missing ! n theyve gotn enlarged like sumuns tried to fit into them :( . so theyve become stretched n non fitting n missing fuzzy sox ! ..<br />
<br />
iv gotten a set of 5 new ones , i hav to choose carefully to make sure it wont typically be stretched or mistaken agen . my fav in this order are :<br />
<br />
the the checkered sox , coz of their chekeredness pattern , the inside dewing is super fuzzy ! :D<br />
<br />
the stripey pair , with alternating stripes ! jus loox swo snugly ! :D<br />
<br />
the toe heel and ankle two tone<br />
<br />
the black sox , wich hav frekin disapeared . then the grey ones with jus a line at the ankle<br />
<br />
.<br />
<br />
i hope to find more sox soon , difrent and non mistakable !<br />
<br />
:P<br />
<br />
i had light bloo sox too , but theyv worn away . iv had to lern to jus part withem *lol* so i have :P

agree 100%! although i'll admit, i think a few people have seen me rub a fuzzy sock against my cheek once or twice. they may think i'm strange, but i like to think of it as appreciative of warm fuzziness, lol! :)

I love this! I just wish I could touch your fuzzy sock collection! Nothing is better than rubbing a fuzzy sock on your cheek when no one is looking, agree or disagree?

adorable! and the soles are genius. that's my problem, the bottoms always wear out so quickly. i live in them when i'm indoors. i'd wear them everywhere if i could!

aww, those sound so cute! i actually saw some in the mall recently that were kind of a cross between fuzzy socks and slippers, and they supposedly had little foot massaging balls built in. i didn't buy them though, they looked kinda scary, lol!

lol, i know, to me fuzzy socks equal instant elation as well! :)<br />
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and thanks, creamsicle, it's good to know there are others out there with deep fuzzy sock attachments!

I have some I don't wear anymore either because they are worn out and also can't bring myself to throw them away!! LOL