Gackt's Birthday Project!

There's this big project I"m doing for Gackt's birthday!

I would like al hisfans to join as well ^__^ so here's the thing!

I've been thinking. Us fans should get together and sing him a song. >.> One of his songs.

Sounds drastic, I know. But hopefully I can make it happen.

Its really easy you see. All we need to do is make a video together (each fan sings a certain part of a selected song) then post it on YouTube. And spam his inbox telling him to go see it.

I've been posting many request through many sites. I hope lots of people will do it T~T and not chicken out.

But first! we need to decide on a song.

So until mid March or the end of it. I'll pick the song according to vote. Then I'll start with the whole plan.

Narola Narola
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

It's finished! :D <br />
<br />
here's the link =] <br />
<br /><br />
<br />

=] mhm yea there are a lot of participants O; <br />
I'm going to start things this monday.. so until July, please make sure to see it on YouTube ;P

cute. sounds lovely... FILL HER UP!!!!! xD