See Something New Everytime I Watch It

I was surprised by how much I love this movie.

I thought all of the characters were great - esp. the "serious" actor and the extra - how he knew he was going to die - they always kill the extras off - I don't even have a name - I'm just a crew member.

The movie also was such a great balance between humor and a little bit of scary side of sci-fi.

Everytime I watch it, I notice another new detail! 

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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I like this movie because it is so campy! I have it on DVD and HAVE to watch it once a year.

RH - Thanks for the name - I went completely blank when talking about the "Serious" actor on the cast - he was the one I was thinking of - I still see the evil guy in Die Hard when I look at him - but I think, for me, that made his character even more funny! I am so watching that today after my child's soccer game - too cold to be outside - Brrrrrr!

Alan Rickman is great in that movie. Normally he's just evil, but in Galaxy Quest he's really funny.

Now, you see, I don't remember that so I DEFINITELY have to watch it this weekend! Now I will look out for that part and probably laugh even harder because of you mentioning it!

I always think of the part "Can you help me find my shoe?" and they all just stand in one spot and look around, lol. Good movie!

especially when some of them look at the ceiling - because as far as their concerned a shoe could be there too

I think I am going to have to watch it again this weekend - it has been too long since I did that!<br />
<br />
You started this group, didn't you? It has been fun remembering the movie, so thanks!

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