I Like Ygritte's Comments In Episode 7.

In an preindustrial agricultural economy, land, titles, contracts, and loyalty is important. That's why women are used as 'marriage' ****** to form alliances and create loyalty. Marriage is, after all, a contract. "To love and to cherish, to honor and obey, yada, yada, Til death do us part." In a hunter/gatherer economy, women aren't used that way. Women are free to have sex with whoever and whenever they want. They aren't bound because of economic or political concerns.

The rich of our society still need the protection of marriage in order to stay rich. Isn't marriage an outdated concept for the rest of us?
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If the man loved the woman, he would be around to care for her children. Who says they need a piece of paper to be together?

Interesting viewpoint - but who would care for the children of random liaisons? Is there sufficient community cohesion to support women and children in today's society without marriage? Raising a child is hard work - and with modern working hours hard on parents...it's hard enough with two! <br />
I do love Ygritte and think she's perfectly portrayed in the programme.