Everything I know about Game of Thrones, from someone who has never seen or read Game of Thrones:

- It's set in Westeros. No idea if this is a city, or a region, or a country, or a planet. All I know is that it's called Westeros.

- There are four houses. I know Stark and Targaryen. I've forgotten the other two.

- Lots of sex goes on. Lots of sex between siblings especially.

- Lots of people die. Brutally.

- There's a really hot character called Daenerys and she has lots of dragons or something.

- Apparently there are Daenerys boobies at one point, and that alone will probably get me to watch the show.

- There's some guy called Joffrey who's a real ****.

- It's cold and it snows a lot.

- Something about an iron throne.

- Some guy called Jon Snow who apparently doesn't know anything.

- More sex and boobies.

- Lots of gore.

- Very complex.

- But apparently it's really good.

- And not just because of boobies.
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

I laughed so hard at how jon snow doesnt know anything

You should definitely start watching, especially because of Daenerys, she is just awesome

Oh and there is another kick *** girl on the show called Arya Stark who is awesome sauce.

She's my second fave to The Hound. What a great team they would have made?