I just am now taking a meal/bathroom break from playing my Xbox one for 6 hours non stop and in about 15 mins I will go back to playing it, or I might switch and play a ps4 game or a xbox 360 game. I'm addicted to gaming.
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I'm addicted to gaming too. Please add me.

Cool have u tried the Silent hills playeble teaser i the ps4 ?

Nah, but I'm not a big silents hills fan to begin with.

Yeah me nether i avoid all that scary **** right now all i play is Skyim

I just beat outlast on my xbox one, scary games don't bother me but I just don't like silent hills. Now I'm replaying halo 4 all the way through.

Nice lol i havent play that game since i beat it.
Im just waiting for Assasin's Creed Unity to come out for the one. That game is going to be epic.

Nice I am just waiting for halo: master chief edition so I can play the halo 2 remake.

yeah me to i got that pre order as well.
Im getting a vibe that u r a halo fan right ?

Yea halo is what made love to play video games, like I play other games too, like the saints row series, GTA, COD, fallout 3 and new Vegas, forza, madden, NCAA football, FIFA, just like a bunch if games now. But halo will always have a special place in my heart.

Yea I'm just waiting for the halo: master chief edition to come out so I can play the halo 2 remake.

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