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My wife and I have been swinging for over 5 years. It started before we got married, and after experimenting with other women, men and couples, we've decided that our favorite sexual experience is sharing her with other men. I like to watch or join in, but strictly straight. We've met most of our intimate friends at clubs or bars, and have never really found the right match online. We've always talked about one day having a ******** for her, but it seems impossible to make that happen meeting men the way we do and lately we've talked more and more about wanting a real ********. She has been with 3 men at once, and loved every minute of it. How do we find a larger group? Does anyone know of any groups that could arrange something for us? Is there a way to set this up online, or should we try a swingers club or something? Any advice from someone who has real experience with this, please help us!

ryder ryder
4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

It is better to arrange gang bangs with men you know and men she will enjoy *******. I arrange all my men and it always an exciting experience. Intersted, contact me. Tina.

PSUE - that's a great suggestion, thanks! Definitely gets us thinking because the bachelor party scenario is something we have often fantasized about. We're not really close friends with any strippers, but we have met a few dancers going to clubs together. We might have to make a point of getting to know some of them a little better!

A nude beach will get you a ******** anyday, as long as you make it obvious to the men gathering around your naked wife. You can do this by rubbing her *****, spreading her legs, and inviting any of the men close by. I have been part of nude beach ********* many times, and there is always enough men. One time, I saw this wife **** about 20 guys. She was ******* time after time, and the cream was just running out of her. I love watching from behind .. just seeing those legs spread, and a huge **** and balls pumping in and out of a soaking wet *****, gets me hard every time ........

Well, I guess that answers my question on your other thread, PSUE69!