Using Rain Water

At the garden show this year I saw what I believe to be called the sustainable garden. In it in the corner, by what would be the garage or house was an open trash container. It had a rain gutter leading into it. That rain water was collected and then a spout was placed at the botton of the can. This way the rest of the garden could use that collected rainwater. What a great idea! I didnt try it this year with my own garden, but plan on doing that when we replace our roof (and the rain gutters) next year.
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

There are several instructions on the web for building rain barrels, all you have to do is a google search for them.

That's a great idea. I wish I'd seen this when I lived in Florida. During dry spells, they won't let you water the lawn during certain days and at specific hrs of washing was at a limit as well..good post.

I'm thinking that if I keep the barrel enclosed, I should be okay. You're right. I don't want to have standing water. But this garden at the flower show was so pretty. And it needed very little care. The barrel was just a gray rubbermaid, but it fit with the garden, no problem. Just blended in. Spigot at the bottom was the neat thing. Still trying to figure out that one.....

Rain Barrels are awesome and very easy to build. You can also buy them if you are not the type of person who can build things easily. You should also check with your local laws, I know it is illegal in some cities to collect more than a certain amount of water a year.