Goodbye For Now Garden!

As winter comes it is time to say so long to my garden.  Although not as "into" it as last year, the square foot method is a winner.
I have fifteen 4' x 4' boxed beds, with fabric & mulch laid down between them.  Weeds albeit always manage to sprout, are not winning the war, as they used to.  Once the plants began taking off there is little room for the weeds.  My garden has been a prolific producer. Today  I will take out what is left, before the frost comes & put the remaining 3 beds to sleep for the winter!
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Thank you Ambivilent, I will google it sometime & check it out for sure, as I too may someday live in the sunshine state!

I've discovered a passive hydroponic system which is phenomenal! It can be made in a couple hours and is basically a pool of water with Peters 20-20 some epson salt and a floating piece of styrofoam with cut holes in it for the containers. No weeding, or watering. But I live in Florida so I don't have to worry about it freezing.

EH & IM lucky peeps get to do it all year round, garden that is!<br />
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IM I did the square foot garden & made several boxed beds with paths in between that I covered with fabric & then mulch. It helped enormously with the weeds. Need to get another la<x>yer of stuff on top of the rows. l Will try to put some pics up. I too have grown so much, more than I can use even if I can stuff which I did not attempt this year. <br />
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Sorry you had a disappointing year. I kind of neglected mine this year, but it did not hinder everything from coming up. <br />
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Things don't need much to live & I still wonder in awe how the instructions to survive are implanted in every seed, in every strand of DNA, in everything that lives. <br />
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Life. Amazing.

Congratulations on a successful garden. At least winter gives you a reprieve. We continue the good fight against weeds all year round, over here. :(