Gardening In The Nude

i love to grow my own food. tomatoes and other vegetables tastes a whole lot better when it's ever when the days are extremely hot, i go outside into my yard to do my gardening ;i do it while i'm completely naked. my big breasts are swinging & bouncing around the entire time i'm outside gardening . the entire neighborhood knows that i'm always outside doing my gardening in the nude. this one day however a new meter reader came to read my electric meter. i was outside naked doing my gardening when the man came through the gate to read my meter. he sees me in my yard naked;he's looking at my big breasts as they are swinging & bouncing around. after he is through reading the meter;he says that he's sorry for interupting my gardening & was leaving. thinking that he had left,i continued the do my gardening;i suddenly felt someone grab my breasts. it turns out that he didn't leave,but was still in my yard watching my breasts swing & bounce & decided to have his feel of my breasts & then play with my *****. so i stood there in the garden while he was having his fun with me. i even was forced to to get on my hands and knees while he ****** both my ***** and my ***.while on my knees and he was ******* my ***** he also kept fondling & sqeezing my breasts. then he finalyleft my yard.
topless46d topless46d
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Gardening naked is one of life's simple pleasures that I really enjoy.

I garden in the nude whenever weather permits. I have some acreage and no close neighbors, so I live nude.

If 46d is your bra size at your age a curvatious woman is hot. Big breasts only improve with age. I love the way mature breasts move. I too love gardening with over an acre of shade garden. Too bad your not my neighbor I might have to make mine two acres. Keep those girls swinging!

You're my kind of person! I do my gardening in the nude, too. I once mowed the lawn while I was naked. I love to drive in the nude also. I haven't been to a nudist camp, but I do like to go to a nude beach. Wish you could come with me.

Wow, sounds like a great idea for a gardening reality show on the Nipple-lodeon Channel.

(throws her over his shoulder)<br />
<br />
(her surreal boobs swingin an bouncin all the way)

I'm not going anywhere! <br />
I love hoeing, planting seeds, compoosting, and getting down and dirty.

goddammit Lilt!<br />
<br />
Lmao ... "She's often a bit 'off' madame ... I'll have her out of here right away, I assure you."

You hoe!