So Many Little Tubs

I live in a college town (makes sense, I am a college student). My tiny apartment has, alas, no garden but that can't stop me! It seems that every week there is a new little pot of something sunning on the window sill. Some day I will have a proper garden (also, I will live in a place that rains, to water said garden.) Meanwhile, I is just me and my indoor green thumb!

Side note: I've added a photo of a seed I have never been able to identify. Do you know what it is?
SimplyPerson SimplyPerson
3 Responses Jan 17, 2012

Let me see.

I think my problem is more about the amount of light my one tiny window gets. It gets several hours of direct light in the summer but in the winter... There is a building right across the way that cuts off my light prematurely...

So glad you are not waiting for the "someday" garden, but getting in there now sowing, growing, learning. Whether in little pots and tubs on window sills or spread far and wide in a garden's ground the shear joy of plant magic still happens.