I Love My Garden

Never thought that i would one day have my own  Mango and Banana orchard,as well as coconuts and pineapples ,Close to  Perfect  this was taken by a friend, couple of years ago, you cant see the mangos inn this because of the angle but the bananas are at the back of the house in a row
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I have always loved a garden, a garden of any kind from the good old cottage gardens of England to the pomegranate orchard outside my apartment here in Iran.

But for me its not enough to enjoy someone else's garden, I can for a while but then the itch and urge to plant and dig, to trim and water comes over me and I am reminded just how many years it has been since I had a garden to call my own. It was in England back in 2000 and I loved and knew every part of it, every smell of it. Oh what I wouldn't give to have a piece of land to do as I wished. But somehow the hand of fate has ever since had me living without my dream.
So my friend without any envy I wish you the best of times in your garden.

Thankyou .what part of the UK are you from? i come from Haslemere Surrey

I am from Newcastle.

Ok,the one place i never had reason to visit

What do you know about avacodos? I planted some and they made little trees will they really reproduce from a seed from the store? Know some things are hibrid... do you know? Think it is Ca avacado. Want to grow bananas too. Tried once they died. Planted a mango seed but nothing.

I would love to grow these,unfortunately they wouldnt grow this far north.Very nice !

Beautiful...:) Wish i had a garden like this.....