Spring Gardening Fever In January

I know, I know it's still January but it's been in the 70's here in SC and I'm getting the itch to dig in the soil. Garden plans abound. Seed and plant catalogs flood my mailbox. So many plants, so little time, lol.

I still have a lot of yard clean-up to do: pine cones and pine needles, tons of ferny rust colored leaves from the huge bald cypress tree, a particularly messy tree. Just my opinion. I didn't plant it - but it's there. It entails months of seeping the fine leaves and resin bearing "cones" that coat my deck. On the plus side: the leaves sure make a good mulch! Got lemons? Make some lemonade!

Two years ago I took 6 cuttings of an azalea on an abandoned home site. Last year the small plant put forth blooms. I was thrilled. I did plant one a couple of days ago - only because they had already been outside and were acclimated to the climate. Here's a photo, enjoy:


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I live in the southeast too, Marty. That blast of spring last week was glorious!
But I am grateful for the winter reprieve. It is a good time to check out the "bones" of the garden. The chores are endless. My daffodils and tulips are already about 8in. above ground.

I love that you saved an azalea from an abandoned home. So cool.
There is a "plant rescue" group here. Maybe I should join?

Thank you for your garden story, Marty. Maybe you can share some pictures.

i would like that! i used to sell plants at the local farmer's market when i was working 1 full time job and 1 ptime job. don't know how i did it. i finally stopped but think i may do so again. i just took cuttings, started seeds and sold plants. it was really fun. i usually post photos on flickr. when i post some i'll message you. thanks for your comment.

oh btw i had a bite of the reality sandwich: it was 32 degrees overnight - lol.

Okay...I'm jealous. Been in the 20's here, but made it to nearly 40 today with high winds. I can't wait for spring. Beautiful azalea, by the way...nice photography too!

nikon s9100. took me more than 15 years to switch from film to digital. i hate change, but went with the flow. no i wonder why it took so damned long!

If you have 70 degree weather, can see why your thoughs would turn to gardening. We are having a mild winter, and am still getting brocolli from the garden. We got up to 50 today, and it seemed warm. Won't start our tomatoes for a while yet. But not too long until the peas go in. Like you azalea picture. We are a long way from flowers.

what part of the country do you live in? north south east west? i used to live in ny on lake ontario. gardening didn't start till about june, lol. but the daffodils came up in late march.

Up in Oregon. Cool season stuff starts fairly early, but warm season for growing tomatoes, more like July. We put them in earlier, and they just sit there.

Would guess there is quite a change going from NY to SC, and not just the weather. Have a daughter who lives in Georgia. We try to visit in spring or fall.