8 Ft Tall Tomatos?

My mate and i grew our first garden together last year,and i specifically chose dwarf seeds for the garden,so i basically could reach with one hand ,as our plants grew the tomatos kept growing taller  they actually got as tall as the corn about 8ft ,,imagine  the suprise as people saw this,,,i am going to try to keep the plants contained this year but somehow think maybe not.I love bieng outdoors and working in the soil and this gives me so much pleasure watching things grow .I enjoy hiking and camping and bieng able to work with the natural elements around me .The absolute beauty and balance i find allows me to relax and feel at peace if only for a little while.Then the real world beckons,,,,,
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3 Responses May 31, 2007

There's a commercial greenhouse near me that has an entire acre under glass. They grow tomatoes exclusively. The vines can get 30 feet or more long! As each cluster of fruit forms and matures, workers pick them off and this stimulates the plant to continue to grow. Each crop of plants produces fruit for several months.<br />
There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of growing your own food. But it takes time and attention. Keep up the inspiring work!

I completely understand how you feel. We have a lot in common! Are you my long lost sister? :-D

Sounds great - I only have a tiny garden and because it's army accomadation we are limited as to what we can change, anything we do change will have to be put back the way it was before we leave.