Eucalyptus and Succulents...

Living in Southern California, I have seen eucalyptus trees all my life. When I began to plant things underneath them, though, is when I realized that they drop leaves and twigs and other trash all the time that is poison to many plants, including all lawns. Then I found that most succulents not only thrive under eucalyptus trees, but they also grow well in low moisture areas. So I began collecting succulents. What an amazing array of strange and alien-looking beings succulents are! Of course, since discovering succulents I've gone on to discover many other types of plants that also get me excited, but I thank succulents for leading me in this journey. What is your favorite type of plant?
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Thanks EEZY, I've had quite a few of those trees in years past that are no longer standing. In fact, some fell quite dramatically. I had never hear the term "Widow Maker" though. But it makes sense.

Gum trees are native to Australia. They not only drop twigs and leaves year round but FULL BRANCHES TOO! They are known as WIDOW MAKERS. I am not trying to spook you. Just be careful. It is natural for euc's to drop all that to encourage fire in nature as fire would wipe out the compatition from below and make it easy for them to spread their seeds. Alot of Australian plants depend on fire naturaly like Acacias with their hard seeds that need cracking open to absorb water after fire to sprout.<br />

Succulents are one of my favorites too. So very sculptural.<br />
And require so little care. I don't care for needy, foo-foo plants!

We have the same problem under black walnut trees in the northeast , they have a toxin so that only a few plants will grow under them. It's really good that you found out succulents thrive there and turned a problem into a positive!<br />
<br />
I have many, many favorite plants. I could never pick one and make the others feel bad:)

My favorite plants are anything that doesn't die on me! :)