Thanksgiving Tip

We often share the cooking chores at the holidays.  I always volunteer to do all the vegetable dishes.

I am an avid composter. 

Those ten pounds of potato and onion peals are always a bonus.

This is is great time of year to start a compost pile, if you don't already have one.


Lilt Lilt 46-50 14 Responses Nov 26, 2008

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Can you put onion peals and citrus peals on the compost? I was told: no no no!

I have four earthboxes waiting to be filled. and my seedlings are going crazy.. I think I may have planted some too early. I've also left some a bit late... Lettuce seedlings didn't work. Now I've discovered that it's better to plant greens directly and not disturb them

Mother Nature is funny like that, Mrs. Woo.


And get yourself a worm bin.

RA...I've been thinking about it. You should do a composting lesson with the kids and ask them to save their scraps for two or three days. Provide some kind of container (cheap) and make it a one time deal. But some of the students might get into it and continue bringing it in.

Put up a picture of your dogs, Cowbell :)

haha Lilt, I meant us staff bringing compost or even just collecting what we use in the classrooms (we have a kitchen and lots of people bring fruit and things like that to eat at work). That composting bin is a good idea for sure, I'd like to have one.

I'm so glad you dropped in here, RA. You reminded me of something I wanted to add here...

A most excellent gift,

A worm bin!

They are indoor and outdoor bins filled with worms that will turn that compost into black gold in no time. And even better...the boxes are built by high school students.n $40

RA, your cause is nobel....but I'm not so sure parents want to start putting rotting fruit and coffee grounds in their kids back packs. But hey, I could be wrong :)

I live in an apartment right now but I still save my veggie scraps (I'm vegetarian so there's lots of them!). Our special ed department has it's own garden so I started a compost pile with a bunch of leaves and my scraps. I'm hoping some other people will start bringing scraps too!

"Brindled" What does that mean?

You seem like a handy guy, there are lots of simple containers you can construct.

Tell us about your dogs...

WIGU is correct.

I love seeing that steam come off the pile when it's cold.

But I'm weird like that.

Veggies need lots of sun. But there are plenty of other things you can grow in the shade, Cowbell.

I believe you can still compost when it's freezing. I do some homework and let you know...

I would love to see your garden magic!!

We have been getting rain for two days. It is soooo needed. We have been suffering a severe drought for 5 years now :(

Bare, yes. But my nandinas are covered with gorgeous red berries.

Kiwi peels, coffee grounds, slimy cucumber found in the bottom drawer, and some dead leaves.

And it's only 9 a.m.!!

WIGU, go look in my photos and find the the fungus that my compost produced last spring!!