Talking to Plants

 Does anyone talk to their plants? We moved into a new place that had  a potted thorny flowering plant on the terrace. A tormentada something. When my husband went to move it, it really pricked him. He cursed at it and said we should throw it away because it was dangerous.

Within a couple days, it had lost all its flowers and the leaves dropped off! I felt so sorry for it. I pointed out to my husband what had happened, that he had hurt its feelings. I watered it and talked to it, telling it it was beautiful. I encouraged it everyday.

After 2 weeks, it got its leaves back and started blooming again. I pointed its progress out to my husband and he had to agree that there was communication going on between us and the plant. After that, he picked up my interest in gardening and now it's something we do together. We talk to all our plants now and they're thriving.

drayda drayda
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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

I talk to my plants all the time. I wish I could grow some stuff here at my apartment. I live in the mojave desert, and my dirt in the back yard is like concrete!